Philip Adrian Gilbert

Stafford University graduate with Bachelor of Science with Honours Computer Games Design, First Class

My area of expertise is environments but also creating the assets. This includes hard surface, and high poly to low poly pipeline. I am constantly striving to better my skills with the latest technology, engines and software. Over the years I have developed a reasonable understanding of level flow, lighting and colour in making an environment visually stimulating.

Another key asset is my work ethic and timekeeping. Making sure that I get done what I am asked to when it’s needed. Which I developed in my 12 years as a graphic artist/signmaker.

Key Skills

3ds max
I have an excellent working knowledge of 3ds max. Having used it for all my projects over the last 4 years. This included asset creation for Unreal 4 but also for making key frame animations. I have an excellent understanding of unwrapping and keeping low poly models within a set tri count. Also the creation of normal and ambient occlusion maps.
I have used it for highpoly modelling, hardsurface, creating trim and texture sheets using floating geometry and double turbosmooth.

Has become my go to program for creating normal and ao bakes, using OBJ and SBM models, using a separate cage file where needed.

I have a decent knowledge of Zbrush, having used it to create rocks and areas of damage and other details for assets. Though I created a character base in it to a high standard I feel this is one area I can improve, and look forward to doing so during my career.

Unreal editor 4
I have an excellent understanding of UE4 and have used it since it’s release, after moving from UDK. This includes.
• Mesh placement
• Material creation
• Matinee
• Lighting
• Post process
• IES profiles
• Vertex painting
• Landscape generation

I have used this program for the past 18 years so have an industry understanding of it’s workings.

Substance Painter
I have recently started using this in the past year, and so far have a good knowledge in it. Though I still prefer to use traditional Photoshop methods when necessary.

Other programs I have used
Corel Videostudio
World Engine

Communication skills
My work as a signmaker involved having good communication skills and the ability to work in a team. Something that has helped immensely in the field of Games Design. I have worked on two projects at university in a team over a year each. One as a junior Artist and then as a senior.

One of my favourite hobbies is to paint Games Workshop models, and to build the buildings from foamcard and balsa wood.
Writing novels when I get chance.
Generally anything creative.


Staffordshire University

BSc Hons Computer Games Design

Covering all aspects of Games Design
From 2d layouts and design documents, to working with the latest software such as 3ds max and zbrush to an industry standard.

Wolverhampton University

HND Electronic Design for Print

Graphic Design course. Creating posters, flyers, booklets and other various artwork. Both on computer and also by hand, using paints or marker pens.


3ds max Adobe Photoshop Zbrush Xnormal Coreldraw Substance Painter Ndo Corel Videostudio UE4


Freelance 3d designer

Scruffy Dog Ltd

Creating 3d bespoke visualizations using 3ds Max and Lumion for a variety of projects.

Volunteer Archivist

Wedgwood Museum

Mainly in the creation of bespoke boxes and folders to store and protect valuable archive items within the museum. I was required to work unsupervised and on occasion to help out in other areas, such as cataloguing, or looking after guest readers who would want to use the archives for tv and magazine articles. This helped with unwrapping models in 3ds max as I had to use the card efficiently when drawing out the flat plans.

Graphic Artist

Visual D' Sign

Design and manufacture of vinyl and printed graphics for Shop, Vehicles, road signs, t-shirts and general signage.

I was skilled in all aspects of the field, and was trusted to work unsupervised.

Again a lot of what I did helped towards modelling and unwrapping in 3ds max. More importantly working to a very strict deadline.